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  1. Joe

    I have a 4″ inside dia hvy steel (shedulae 40) pipe 20′ in length. or a 5″ thin wall(1/16+ wall)steel pipe witch would you recommend using. I have been wanting to make a rubens tube with it. You put only one gas port, is this enough? and only one speaker. would one speaker on each end be an improvement? did you find you needed more gas supply ports? How well did yours work? were you happy with it? what would you change?
    Thank you for posting your blog

  2. André

    can you give me the specs for the Buna-N sheet? Thickness, and maybe an inventory number or direct link to the page over at McMaster, and/or any technical info you care to give. (I’m in Norway, and McMaster no longer sells to Europe, or even allows us to access their online catalog, so I’m thinking I need to get an American friend to order a sheet for me.) Alternatively, I need as much information about the rubber as I can get, so I can order something similar over here or somewhere else online.)I have been using latex, but it degenerates relatively quickly with the propane. My Ruben’s tube is similar to yours, shorter but made of relatively thick steel that can be welded.

    Thank you very much for the good description of your build, and for any information you can find the time to send me.


  3. Bia

    Where do you get the single frequency sounds inorder to visualize standing waves?

  4. Bia

    So does this software run on iPhones?

  5. Bia

    Do you know any? Which one would you recommend?

  6. Bia

    Thanks for your help

  7. Chris siefert

    Do you have to have a round pipe for the tube to work properly or dose it matter

  8. Lexie Nichols

    Dan Busby ,
    How did you hook the cables to the tube to get the music to play?

  9. JE

    I am just learning about Rubens tubes, most of the others I’ve seen say not to run it for more than 20 min or so as it will over heat (they are also of lesser quality, using balloons as the membrane) how long can this one run do you think. I am looking for a permanent instillation in a picnic table for outside dinner gatherings.

  10. JE

    Thank you sir. Is this the tube that in your experience works the best? Or do you have a tube you like better, and is there a write up of that tube somewhere? I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge, thank you so much!

  11. Rowan

    Hi Dan,

    Is it possible to remove the need for the rubber? I don’t want parts that will eventually fail and need replacing. Could the speaker be sealed in a aluminium box, with a hole drilled for power and aux cable then sealed up with glue, then welded to the pipe to put the propane in direct contact with the speaker?



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