6 responses to “A Flaming Chandelier”

  1. GYoung

    Looks amazing! Unfortunately I’m Australian otherwise I’d order one for sure.
    Quite curious how it works – is the fuel stored in the sphere and fed out to the flames via the tubes? If so, how do you regulate this flow? (6 tiny flame-throwers would definitely look cool, but not great for my property value)

  2. DNoel

    Hi Dan,

    I have been building an outdoor kitchen that is off the grid, so powered by Propane and Solar.

    I saw your Fire Chandelier and thought two of these would be perfect hung from the ridge beam to cast a great light on the area.

    Could you give me a little more information on the Chandelier and perhaps what you would charge to build two and ship them to Canada?


  3. Rhino

    Hi! I,m interested in the struture that you have the chandelier hanging from. I have been looking for a curved boom type hanger that I can stake into the ground to hang a candle chandelier from over a patio table wher I don,t have any overhead structure to hang it from. The structure that the chandelier is hanging from in the third picture above looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for.
    Can you please provide some info about that?

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